Paediatric Dentistry

Teaching your kids the right way to take care of their smile is very important. Many dentists recommend starting early to give your children plenty of time to develop good oral hygiene habits to keep their teeth clean & cavity-free at a time in life when they should be able to focus on growing & learning.

What is Children’s Dentistry?

Children’s dentistry focuses on giving children the tools they need to have healthy teeth so they can live without fear of aches & issues. Integral to this mission is prevention. Fluoride treatments are excellent for supplementing oral hygiene habits & preventing tooth decay. While fluoride is commonly present in drinking water, regular fluoride treatments can help children stay ahead of the curve in protecting their teeth. Similarly, sealants may be recommended to cover & protect the teeth most vulnerable to bacteria. However, neither fluoride nor sealants are a replacement for daily brushing & flossing!

Our friendly, caring & gentle dentists provides the best dental treatment & advice on maintaining an optimal oral health for your kids. We provide all the services as check-up, x-rays, fillings, scale & clean, fissure sealants, extractions & root canals.

Child Bulk Bill Scheme & Medicare

We Bulk Bill dental services for eligible children under Child Dental Benefits Schedule that allows for up to $1000 basic dental treatment over a two-year period for eligible kids 2–17 year olds.

Please confirm with Medicare for eligibility of your kid.

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